The last day of 2020

Today marks the 2020 last official working day of Rabbit Digital Group. It’s an honor to have a chance to work with all talented staffs, partner and clients. 2020 is perhaps the most challenging year of my work life.

It’s the first year for me as a CEO after we scaled up the company in 2015. A year which had a lot of external and internal challenges, new clients, new team members and, of course, COVID-19. While maintaining the MD position of Rabbit’s Tale, CEO’s duties are also mandatory for the situation. One of the good things in this year is the Steering Team of RDG, consisted of all company MDs and Corporate functions. You guys are so helpful and full of energy. Also subsidiaries management team from Rabbit’s Tale, Moonshot, Code & Craft, The Zero, Apollo 18 and Rabbit X, we got through tough times together and learned a lot together.

This year had so many “First” things I’ve done to get us through Q2-Q3. The first official downsize, first time salary cut, first time WFH, first time finding tenant, first time launching a Start Up, first time launching a Zero-fee performance agency, first time launching Rabbit Xpress, first time having production team in RT, first time to announce Work from Anywhere and Unlimited Leave policy. A lot of “First time” valuable experiences, to realize that there’re so many things I’ve not yet learned.

Thank you so much for all the trust given from Clients to us RDG. We can’t achieve anything without you all. And thank you all senior mentors that this year, I asked a lot of help from all of you.

Thanks to all of my partners for your trust in me. We’ve been through so many things for more than 11 years together. All grown up and mature with more duties in life but, we’re still here helping each other to achieve further. That’s the partnership we deserve.

I totally believe that, at least in RDG, we all learned something from this year. And even the future has so many uncertainties but, I believe there’s a brighter day for all of us.

Finally, I always say this to the people of RDG, during those tough times, my motivation of keeping up better everyday is you guys, and you guys only.

I’m so proud of you.